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This memorial website was created in the memory of Craig Alan Griffin, who was born on April 23, 1961 and passed away on November 10, 2007 . We will remember and love you forever. A hero till the end. A man with a heart of gold. God bless you. "Till we meet again my love..." 

"Do not stand by my grave and weep. I am not there, I do not sleep..."

 ~De Oppresso Liber~The Green Beret motto he held so dear.

To all family and friends: Please feel free to share pictures and stories about Craig.

*All music is copyright protected material. It is intended for personal use on Craig Griffin's memorial site. These are simply some of his favorite songs. I will gladly take any music off the site if any of the artists object.

"It's a sign of God's mercy that he won't let us remember the reddest details of pain. He knows the parts that we can not endure. And in time, from disuse, they fade away. God lays the unbearable on you then takes some back." ~ Charles Frazier -Cold Mountain- Love to all, Holly.

Tributes and Condolences
The Yankee Hat and the Compass   / Liam Griffin (Son)
I miss my dad and i wish he were here. Today i found his compass that he always wore on his hat when we went outside to work. It brought back happy memories. I love you dad.
A poem   / Holly Griffin (Wife)
The time you won your town the race
We chaired you through the market-place;
Man and boy stood cheering by,
And home we brought you shoulder-high.

To-day, the road all runners come,
Shoulder-high we bring you home,
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Happy 51th!   / Holly And Liam Griffin (Wife/Son)
Happy 51th! Seems like yesterday you were still with us. Liam and I are going to make a cake for you today. You're always with our hearts and soul, but at peace in heaven. Love (got yours first), Holly and LiamContinue >>
A night outside   / David Griffin (Brother)
    Hey brother Craig, Remeber the first time we camped out in the backyard? It was are birthday and we each got a tent from Mom and Dad.We planned on sleeping out as soon as the weather was warm.Finally that day arrived...Mom and Dad...  Continue >>
Craig  / Bob Head (Friend/Co-worker)
Holly, a picture of Craig hangs in the Group Operations Center. I see it every morning when I go to the office. I think of Craig often. Craig was a great man that was admired and respected by many. I miss his advice and sense of humor. I miss razzing...  Continue >>
Love / Holly Griffin (wife)    Read >>
Re:Eve of Craig's Birthday  / Holly Griffin (Wife)    Read >>
2nd Anniversary in Heaven  / Holly Griffin (Wife)    Read >>
Just stuff  / Holly Griffin (Wife)    Read >>
Going to D.C.  / Holly Griffin (Wife)    Read >>
Next Chapter  / Holly Griffin (Wife)    Read >>
Wish you were here  / Brittany Griffin (Daughter)    Read >>
We'll meet again  / Grant Winkler (Friend)    Read >>
Happy Birthday Craig  / Rhonda Rhodes Craig Sehon's Mom (visitor)    Read >>
The last time I saw you  / Kathy Steinborn (Mother-in-law)    Read >>
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His legacy
     As we head into a new year, I am often reminded of how lucky I was to have met and been a part of Craig Griffin's life. Everyday, as I look into Liam's big blue eyes, I see the mischievous sparkle that Craig was so well known for. Yes, he is definitely his father's son! His feet are already a size 10 in men's! He's 12! And the humor...he loves to make jokes, funny or not, just as his dad did. For all that has been taken, we have been so blessed. Liam is a very happy, loving boy. Craig is never far, as I always see him in even the little things. I gave Liam a Christmas gift this year of a picture of Craig and I in uniform. I couldn't find it for the longest time, but last month, I happen to stubble upon it. It was nice to put on his present: From Mom and Dad. At first he said, "From Dad???" He opened it and stared. He immediately put the picture next to his bed without a word.
     Now that Liam is becoming a young man, Craig's absence becomes more glaring. Thankfully, my mom and dad, Kathy and Bill, Earl and Ruth (Craig's parents), my best friends Season and Cyndi, Brandy, Stacy, Christopher, David, Juliet, Tia (the mother hen of my Oly tribe!), and many others along the way, most notably my brother-in law-Mark and his wife Cindy, Ari Moshe Wolfe (my soul brother), JR and Wendy, George, Bob, and everyone from 1st Group (they are amazing men!), Mark Dunlop, Pete Gioletto, the ladies from SOS, all the guys from his last team (that is a big shout out to Chris Riga!) and Season (one more time, God knows!) have all pitched in to make that proverbial village for us.
     I truly want to take this moment to thank everyone who has been on this journey with me and my family. From early days of his passing, through the time of shock, which lasted longer than I thought, and up until this very day, I have made mistakes after mistakes, been selfish, angry, and and felt complete devastation. But through it all, I have learned; never take a day for granted and most importantly, accept the good. I have finally accepted the good and learned from mistakes and made peace with the past. But it will never be forgotten. Thanks to all who stuck by my side when it was damn near impossible. Gratitude, more than you know. There is not a day that goes by that you are not missed by your family, Craig. We will always remember. So much love, Holly
His Smile, His Family, and Years of Service  

Craig Alan Griffin was a true patriot. His legacy will live on forever, for there was no such man as him. He loved his country so much so that he gave 26 years of his life to it. He was a brilliant man. To become a Green Beret medic is one of the hardest MOS's in the military. He achieved that and even ended up teaching other soldiers this job. He was the epitome of selflessness and compassion. But that is only the tip of the iceberg of what he achieved in his lifetime. He held a bachelor's degree, a master's degree, and was working on his MBA at the time of his death.

In the first Gulf War, he helped save the animals at the Kuwaiti Zoo that were left to starve by giving them food and medical attention. He liked to call this "reappropriating" medical supplies" This is also where he contracted Gulf War Syndrome. An ammo dump that he was ordered to blow up had biological and chemical warfare that rained on him and his men. He was also subjected to many other things that made him sick. He also saw and was ordered to do things that only a handful of men could endure. Craig is the fifth man out of that unit to die early. Many of the others are still sick with various ailments and all have the terrible memories of that time. But Craig was never one to complain. Throughout the 90's and 00's, Craig was a hard worker, a mentor, and a soldier. He was very proud to call himself a Green Beret. And he was the essence of what every soldier should be. I was proud to call myself his wife. No better man have I ever met.

As his wife, I only found out much of what happened to him in the Gulf War after he died. Again, he was the consumate professional. We met in Zimbabwe on a humanitarian de-mining mission in 2000. We always called it our honeymoon before we got married. We were married September 2nd of that year. When I would ask him things that happened in his past, he would never want to talk about it. He would always tell me his life didn't start until he met me. I never knew what he meant by that. Now I do. One month before 9/11, I found out I was pregnant. Craig ran to the store to get 3 pregnancy tests because we were so surprised. We were amazingly fortunate to have a healthy baby boy named Liam. He was and is the joy of our and now my life. Craig was a family man. He never missed a game, always had the best ideas for birthdays, and made every holiday a huge, spectacular occasion. I used to always call him Clark Griswold. One day before we got married I asked him what he wanted most in life. He answered with a huge grin, "A son." That he got. He loved to laugh, he loved adventure (he made me jump off that bridge too!), but most of all he loved his family. That is his true legacy.


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